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.308 AMMO-SAFE for Long Guns

The first "true" firearm safety device.

Ammo-Safe, Inc. introduces a new line of firearm safety devices that are color coded and caliber specific for handguns, sub guns, long guns and shotguns.

These plastic “chamber blockers” or “safe chamber indicators” render firearms safe while allowing full cycling, dry firing, and holstering of the weapon. A bright flexible strip extends out of the barrel to give the immediate visual indication of safety. Ammo-Safe is easy to see and easy to use with no alterations to the firearm.

Ammo-Safe Firearm Safety Devices are used all over the world for firearms training and instruction, storage (evidence rooms, armories and home storage), display (trade shows, gun shows and gun shops) and are used for visually safe transport of firearms anywhere.

Picture of .308 AMMO-SAFE For Long Guns (38 inches long)
.308 AMMO-SAFE For Long Guns (38 inches long)
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